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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Calculate Laser Cutting Time?

Calculating laser cutting time involves considering several factors. First, determine the total length of the cutting path based on the design. Next, consider the laser cutting speed and the material’s thickness to estimate the cutting time per unit length. Additionally, factor in the pierce time for each cut, material handling time, and machine setup time. Sum up these individual times for all cuts in the project to obtain the total laser cutting time. It’s essential to consult the laser cutting machine’s specifications and utilize specialized software Smart Cut Quote  for accurate time calculations.

What is laser cutting time estimating software?

Laser cutting time estimating software is a powerful tool that aids in accurately predicting the time required to complete a laser cutting job. These software solutions utilize algorithms and data inputs such as material type, thickness, cut length, and machine parameters to generate time estimates. One example is “Smart Cut Quote” by NC Tools, which streamlines the quotation process by providing real-time estimates based on customizable parameters

What is Plasma cutting cost calculator?

A plasma cutting cost calculator is a tool used to estimate the costs associated with plasma cutting processes. It helps metal fabricators and manufacturers determine the expenses involved in a plasma cutting job. “Smart Cut Quote” by NC Tools offers a plasma cutting cost calculator as part of its comprehensive software solution. The plasma cutting cost calculator takes into account various factors, including material type, thickness, cut length, plasma cutting speed, consumable usage, machine operating costs, and Labor expenses


How much does a Fibre laser cutter cost per hour to run ?

The cost per hour to run a fiber laser cutter can vary depending on several factors. These factors include the specific model and brand of the laser cutter, the power rating of the laser, the energy efficiency of the machine, the cost of electricity in your location, maintenance and consumable expenses, and the utilization rate of the machine. As a result, it is challenging to provide an exact cost without specific details. It is recommended to consult the manufacturer or supplier of the laser cutter for accurate information on operational costs. 

What is Estimating software for Metal fabricators ?

Estimating software for metal fabricators is a specialized tool designed to assist in accurately estimating project costs and generating quotations for metal fabrication jobs. These software solutions, such as “Smart Quote” by NC Tools, offer a range of features including: By utilizing estimating software, metal fabricators can streamline their quoting process, improve accuracy, save time, and enhance overall efficiency in project estimation and cost management.

Would Excel be a suitable tool for calculating Laser cutting costs?

Is Excel sufficient for laser-cutting cost estimation in the manufacturing industry? While Excel can be used for this purpose, dedicated software provides numerous advantages over Excel in terms of laser cutting cost estimation.
Utilising specialised software such as Smart Cut Quote for laser cutting cost estimation offers enhanced efficiency compared to Excel. With automated calculations, the software saves time for design and production tasks. Additionally, features like templates and presets enable quick generation of cost estimates, further streamlining the process.

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