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Smart Cut Quote Software

Smart CutQuote is an advanced software solution designed to enhance the quotation process in industries that involve laser cutting. As a result of its advanced algorithms and intuitive interface, this digital tool is significantly faster and more accurate in estimating costs.

A variety of cutting technologies can be accommodated, such as laser cutting, plasma cutting, and waterjet cutting. As a result of its versatility, it can be used in a wide range of industries across a wide range of sectors. Additionally, Smart Cut Quote is user-friendly, offering a customizable material database and a straightforward design that is suited to a wide range of skill levels. Business can continuously refine their quoting processes with the help of detailed reporting and analysis.

Professional and customisable reports
Add costs associated with common operations

Cost breakdown analysis

Client management

Material and sheet management

Latest version of DXF and DWG import

Cleaning and repair of CAD files

Create parametric CAD

Nesting of parts

Smart Cut Quote Software

Powering Precision and Profitability in Laser Quoting*

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Smart Cut Quoting Software

Laser quoting software

Estimating software

Designed specifically for laser and profile-cutting businesses. Automating the quotation and estimate generation process for laser cutting projects reduces time and improves pricing accuracy.

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Professional-looking, customisable reports:

Reports can be customized with your company logo and details, ensuring a polished and personalized presentation of estimation details.

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Adding costs associated with common operations:

The software allows adding costs associated with common laser cutting operations, including setup time, machine runtime, welding, and assembly and other relevant operations.

Smart Quotation for Profile Cutting

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What our Customers say

With Smart Cut Quote software, we have been able to quickly and efficiently quote the new laser machine. The constant improvements and upgrades have made an already awesome software even better. I rely on it for every quote, and it has never let me down. New features, such as automated calculations of material costs and machine runtime, have greatly improved accuracy and efficiency.




As a leading tool and die manufacturer in South Africa, our focus is on CAD design. The Smart Cut Quote software was a perfect fit, eliminating unnecessary features and offering a flexible subscription model. This adaptability is ideal for our new venture into laser cutting and fabrication. Unlike other one-time purchase options, Smart Cut Quote provides exactly what we need without the burden of a large upfront cost.


Progressive Components , SA


Smart Cut Quote software is an essential tool for laser job shops such as Hi-Tech Laser. The software has enabled us to generate accurate quotes quickly and easily, saving us a great deal of time and effort. An excellent user interface makes it easy to navigate and provides a wide variety of options for creating reports. Since we began using it, our productivity has increased. I strongly recommend this tool.


Hi-Tech Laser

NC Tools

Service, quality, and reputation are the core values of NC Tools. By offering high-quality products at an affordable price, we can ensure our commitment to our customers day after day and year after year.

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A laser cutting quote software program can save you a great deal of time, money, and effort. Additionally, it will allow you to be more efficient in your business operations.

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Smart Cut Quote
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