One software solution for your laser and profile-cutting quoting requirements:

Estimating software designed specifically for laser and profile-cutting businesses. Automating the quotation and estimate generation process for laser cutting projects reduces time and improves pricing accuracy.
For laser cutting, plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, and other cutting methods, Smart Cut Quotes include material consumption calculations.

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Professional-looking, customisable reports:

Reports can be customized with your company logo and details, ensuring a polished and personalized presentation of estimation details.

Laser weld cost
Adding costs associated with common operations:

The software allows adding costs associated with common laser cutting operations, including setup time, machine runtime, welding, and assembly and other relevant operations.

How to import dxf laser
The latest version of DXF and DWG imports:

Supports the latest versions of DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) and DWG (AutoCAD Drawing) formats, allowing users to import a variety of design files.

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A detailed analysis of the cost breakdown

The software provides a detailed analysis of the cost breakdown, allowing users to determine which factors affect the final estimate. A cost optimization and pricing adjustment can be made based on this information.

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Client management:

The software includes features for managing client information, such as contact information, project history, and preferences. As a result, a comprehensive database can be maintained, and client communications can be simplified.

Manage laser sheets
Material and sheet management:

The software facilitates the management of materials and sheets used in laser cutting. As a result, it is easy to track available inventory, specifications, pricing, and other relevant information.

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Packing and Process Sheets creation

The software creates packing and process sheets that provide laser cutting instructions. On these sheets, you’ll find details like part placement, cutting orders, and any additional processing steps that need to be performed

Update laser cost
Update sheet costs instantly:

The software allows sheet costs to be updated instantly based on material prices and supplier rates. The estimation process is thereby made more accurate and up to date.

nesting software laser
Calculating the number of sheets required:

The software provides nesting capabilities to automatically arrange parts on available sheets to minimize waste and maximize efficiency. Based on the nesting results, it determines the number of sheets needed.

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2D CAD clean up and repair:

The software includes tools for cleaning up and repairing 2D CAD files. It helps in removing errors like overlapping lines, gaps, and other errors that could affect estimation accuracy.

parametric cad for laser quoting
Parametric CAD creation:

The software facilitates parametric CAD creation, in which design elements of a design can easily be modified by adjusting specific parameters. A feature like this enhances estimation efficiency and flexibility.

csv import export quote laser
Export CSV files:

The software is capable of exporting estimation data in CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format, which can be easily imported into accounting software. 

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Software for Laser,Plasma,Water jet,Fiber Laser Machines

Maximize the effectiveness of laser, plasma, and water-jet cutting machines by using MaxxCAM. A sophisticated technology table optimizes machine parameters based on a comprehensive part analysis.

Fully Automatic Nesting

Achieve intricate true shape layouts with ease using our advanced irregular nesting engine. MaxxCAM empowers you to nest multiple sheets of varying sizes simultaneously, delivering exceptional outcomes and revolutionizing your production process.

MaxxCAM Turret Punch Software

Using MaxxCAM PUNCH’s intuitive tool inventory system and graphical turret layout editor, you will be up and running within minutes. By using an intelligent auto-tool engine with a customizable tool pattern, you will rarely have to adjust results using an interactive tool.

Maxxcam for laser

MaxxCAM is a cutting-edge CAD CAM software that revolutionises manufacturing processes. With its advanced features, it enables precise toolpath generation, efficient nesting, and seamless integration with CNC machines. MaxxCAM empowers businesses to optimize production, minimize waste, and achieve exceptional results in the world of manufacturing.

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